“The written word has always been my solace. A place that I could bear my pain, anxiety, and many times my secrets. Why I write is tantamount to asking why one breathes. Writing is as much a part of my being as my hands, feet, heart or lungs. I don’t know where I’d find myself without the characters I’ve imagined and lived through. I’ve never been far removed from the words, and they’ve never been far removed from me.”


Will You Be Made Whole

Alabaster Box

If i should die before i wake

Arlington Heights


Eric Ayala is an award winning writer, director, author, actor, singer, and producer. He’s been published in 3 genres – all 3 pseudonyms he uses are variations of his full name. To date he has amassed an impressive 32 Independent Film Awards from various festivals; including 26 awards won for the 2015 screenplay, …if i should die before i wake. The screenplay adapted from the book Darkness in the Mirror advanced to the quarter semi-finals of the 2020 Script Lab competition ranking in the top 1000 of 13,000 entries.

Ayala’s first book Restoration, an inspirational fiction, was published in 1997. Then in 1998 he wrote, directed and produced the stage play Will You Be Made Whole which debuted on stage at the 14th Street Playhouse. The play was followed later that year with what was to become the first in the wholeness series. The book Will You Be Made Whole was followed by the success of the sequel Alabaster Box…Two Women One Struggle, and then …if i should die before i wake. Will You Be Made Whole [the play] continued to perform well over the next 3 years.